20 Beautiful Outdoor Décor Ideas for a Fresh Space

Outdoor patio design

One of the best things about summer is just how much more space you have. While you may be stuck to your house's square footage during the depths of winter, the warm temperatures allow you to take advantage of the square footage outside of your home. Whether you have a small patio or an expansive backyard, spending some time nailing your outdoor décor can help to create so much more living space.

If you're starting from scratch, we have you covered. We revamping your outdoor décor and creating an inviting, livable space you can enjoy for as long as Mother Nature allows.

Read on for some of our favorite ideas to upgrade your outdoors this year.

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Create a Second Living Room

Patio with a built-in grill

Sure, your indoor living room is probably lovely, but imagine relaxing after a hard day's work under the stars instead. Think of your patio like another family room—the difference being the furniture needs to be durable enough to resist the elements.

Decorate your space as you would your interior, just consider Mother Nature when you do.

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Sprinkle in Plants

Outdoor design

Another tip is to bring in as many living things as you can. A colorful array of potted and flowering plants, in a variety of containers, are sure to create a pretty focal point.

Opt for outdoor plants that can survive all summer long or even bring your indoor houseplants outside for the season.

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Add a Fire Pit

Fire pit outdoors

One of the easiest ways to upgrade any outdoor space? A fire pit. They can be built-in, but free-standing fire tables are another option. Just be sure to select one that conceals the propane tank inside.

Though you can always DIY your firepit, you can find a variety of options at your local hardware store as well.

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Consider the Surroundings

Outdoor seating next to a lake

If you have a beautiful natural setting, work with it instead of competing. Keep your outdoor décor neutral and subtle to allow the focus to stay on the beautiful nature surrounding you.

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Create a Garden

Outdoor plant box

If you're an urban dweller, you may not have room for a proper garden. To compensate, we created a raised garden box with planks of wood.

We love the modern look of black ground cover, so we used lava rocks over the soil which also help retain moisture in the warmer months.

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Make it Cozy

Outdoor chairs and coffee table

A beautiful outdoor setting is only as good as its function. Make sure to focus on both form and function when setting up your outdoor space. Choose furniture that is aesthetically pleasing but comfortable as well so you can use your outdoor space as much as you enjoy looking at it.

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Add Multiple Areas

Outdoor deck with pink chairs

If you're lucky enough to have a large patio or deck, carve it up into separate areas. Create a dining space, a bar space, and a lounge space so you can dine al fresco before settling into a book without leaving the outdoors.

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Focus on Airy Colors

Pool house with open concept

When it comes to picking a color palette for your outdoor space, pick hues that make you happy. We love airy, cool blues and greens or bold and bright neons. Be sure to consider the landscaping and natural plants in your yard so you can incorporate those colors into your space.

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Focus on the Table

Outdoor patio

If outdoor real estate is a consideration, think how you will use your outdoor space the most and focus on that first. If you think you'll spend most summer evenings dining al fresco, splurge on a great dining table that will last for years to come. If lounging is your thing, focus on the outdoor couch or chairs.

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Feature a Rug

Outdoor patio design

We considers outdoor rugs a staple piece when it comes to setting up your backyard.

Make sure that your rug is neutral to be able to have fun with your accent pieces. We chose this beautiful sleek geometric print rug that can easily pair with a variety of decor styles.

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Make Room for Lounging

Outdoor patio with a rug

Focus on comfort when designing your dream outdoor lounge space. Not only will throw pillows add a bit of softness to a chair or couch, but they can also revamp an outdoor look instantly.

Have fun by mixing it up and throwing in some fun patterns and colors that can be changed easily for any occasion. Throw pillows and blankets are an easy way to makeover your patio without a lot of effort.

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Build a Fireplace

Outdoor patio with candles

If you want to extend the life of your outdoor space, consider building an outdoor fireplace. We loves adding in warmth layering in heat sources will help keep the space cozy when cold weather sets in.

Not only is this a practical upgrade, but it's a beautiful one too.

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Focus on Indoor-Outdoor Spaces

Patio with swings

When designing your outdoor space, don't think of it as a totally separate room from your interior.

We love blurring the lines between their indoor and outdoor spaces—and the advancements in outdoor textiles and furniture are making it easier than ever. A simple detail like using the same textiles indoors and out creates a visual connection and flow between the two spaces.

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Add a Bar

Outdoor bar with black and white color scheme

If you haven't considering setting up a bar or a bar cart outside, let this be your sign. Create the perfect space for cocktails by carving out a corner of a patio or a deck for your own personal tiki bar.

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Create a Jungle-Like Escape

Outdoor patio with gravel

When it comes to outdoor décor, work with what you have—and what you have is nature.

A variety of planters, styles, sizes and shapes will add interest and depth to your space. We recommends looking for low-maintenance outdoor plants that will thrive all summer long.

Consider outdoor blooms that you can bring indoors when the season ends, especially if you live in a cold climate.

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Don't Skimp on Ambiance

Patio with hanging lanterns

Set the mood further with lighting. Hang up string lighting and surrounding yourself with lanterns and candles. There's nothing better than the warm glow of a cafe light or a citronella candle as the sun sets on a July night.

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Create Multiple Seating Areas

Outdoor bench with lights above it

We suggests creating multiple lounge areas, even if you have a small space.

Establish multiple seating areas and don't skimp on comfort. Make sure that each nook and cranny has a comfortable option to lounge in. Multiple seating areas also allow for ample space when hosting parties.

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Add Wall Art

Outdoors with a swing

Don't forget to treat your outdoor walls as you would indoors and give them some love. A mirror over a garden table can make your backyard suddenly feel homey and warm and more of an extension of the interior. The right outdoor wall art can transform a small patio or a large porch.

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Focus on Landscaping

Outdoor design with lots of landscaping

A wonderfully decorated patio or deck can be instantly ruined by terrible landscaping. Spend some time sprucing up your yard and garden beds to create a lush, vibrant space you will want to spend time in.

Don't have a green thumb? Don't be afraid to hire it out or look for low-maintenance shrubs and plants.

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Add Pops of Color

Outdoor design with wall art

Even if you opt for a neutral outdoor space, don't be afraid to play with color. Bold greens work wonderfully in an outdoor space because they tie the indoors with the outside.

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