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behr 2024 color of the year


Make a sophisticated statement with 2024 Color of the Year: Cracked Pepper. The versatile black hue can be used to transform any dull space into a timeless one. We can envision it now: this soft, blackish-gray can be used splashed on accent walls for a pop of contrast against other color palettes.

Say goodbye to paint color remorse. Whether you're a major DIYer, avid decorator, or designer, Cracked Pepper will be a go-to shade for all since it exudes confidence.

The feeling that you get from it: one of confidence. It’s very charismatic, calming, and tranquil. We just love it, it’s so adaptable. Not just with color, but with other finishes and materials like wood tones and little gold details for elements of luxe.

2024 Is the Year to Embrace Dark Colors

In newly conducted research, over half of Americans agreed that dark colors can elevate a space and create a new energy. Around 74% of Americans said that they would consider painting a room or an area a dark color, which shows that dark colors are being embraced now more than ever at home.

We recognize the growing desire for using darker colors throughout spaces. Adding a soft black like Cracked Pepper evokes a sense of confidence and individuality that we want all of our customers to feel after completing a project.

Adding a soft black like Cracked Pepper evokes a sense of confidence and individuality that we want all of our customers to feel.

Cracked Pepper is a dynamic shade that has no limitations on where and when it can be used since it goes beyond a single design style. Whether your space is retro, midcentury, or minimalist, Cracked Pepper can complement the current furnishings and colors rather than overwhelm or take away from their features.

behr 2024 color of the year, cracked pepper

Ways to Use Cracked Pepper

There is no one way to use Cracked Pepper since it's completely up to your personal taste or how you want to bring the dark hue into your space. We loves the bold idea of putting color on all four walls, since it brings depth to a room and pushes boundaries.

The color can create a very confident, meditative, and composed look and feel if there are on all four walls. However, we understands that it can be a bigger commitment to do so, so we suggests adding it in small ways throughout your space instead to see how you like it.

cracked pepper in the office

We recommends the color for interior doors because it acts as an anchor with its richness. Especially with lighter or neutral walls, the door will be able to stand out on its own.

We love it as an all-over dining room with the walls, the trim, and the ceiling. And we think you can tweak it. If you want that really dramatic, cozy bathroom, that would make you want to cocoon there, with ambient lighting, it would be so soothing.

We suggests using the color for a kitchen island refresh or even incorporating it into your outdoor spaces. Whether it's on a bungalow or on a classic Cape Cod, use Cracked Pepper adds a modern aesthetic.

Tips for Using Dark Colors

If you've rarely used dark colors in your space, it can be intimidating to know where and how to start. However, the first key step is to ask yourself a few questions about what kind of feelings you want to evoke.

Think about what senses it awakens for you as a homeowner, as a person who’s considering a new color. How does it speak to you? What do you feel like when you see a color like this? How do you want to feel in that room? Do you want to feel very calm, tranquil, and meditative—or do you want to be energized, more dynamic?

cracked pepper in the room

Next, look at all the angles. Oftentimes, people tend to only look at the color at eye level which isn't enough to really see its fullest potential. We encourages people to look at the color in all different kinds of lighting and locations around the house to get the best idea of what the color is like.

Lastly, start out small. People often think they need to go big to make a statement, but incorporating a new color can be done in small and thoughtful ways. We suggests using the color on small decor elements, an accent wall behind a headboard, or even shutters. This will help you gradually adjust to a dark color since you'll be able to see it numerous times a day in different light settings.

cracked pepper

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